Cocos 2D

Today I’d like to show a quick example of some of the basic work that I’m doing at the moment and show off what I’ve learnt so far. Allow me to introduce you to Cocos2D ( . It’s essentially an easy way of getting started with event driven programs and games in C++. Up until … More Cocos 2D

Restarting the blog

Well it’s been a while, over two years in fact since I last posted in this blog. So much for me has changed, I’ve moved cities, changed career, changed again and gone back to university! There’s so much more that’s happened as well but none of it is really worth mentioning here. What IS worth … More Restarting the blog

Sony Launches Sale and Wipeout 2048 Content Tomorrow

It looks like Sony has suddenly remembered that it has a handheld out there on the market, as they are heavily discounting loads of Vita games on the Playstation Store. To add to this, Wipeout 2048 is going to be having a gigantic patch added to it. The Playstation Store discounts are looking pretty hefty … More Sony Launches Sale and Wipeout 2048 Content Tomorrow