Restarting the blog

Well it’s been a while, over two years in fact since I last posted in this blog. So much for me has changed, I’ve moved cities, changed career, changed again and gone back to university! There’s so much more that’s happened as well but none of it is really worth mentioning here. What IS worth mentioning is that I am back and will now be aiming to post in this blog at least on a weekly basis.

So what the situation? why am I doing this now? My reasoning is pretty simple, I’m back at university and working in game dev, specifically I’m studying Games Technology at the University of the West of England. So I figured this would be a good place to start having a record of all the work that I’ve been doing. I’ve completely changed the site and moved from blogger to wordpress and just made the whole thing look a lot better. My intention here is to give an update every week of the work that I have done, be it uni work or stuff that I’ve been doing in my spare time. This means that my posts will be mostly back to the sort of subjects that you saw in the early days, hopefully written better and with a little more passion!
For this first post though, I will be showing some early stuff from before I started at UWE. I’ll be having a look at the work and people that inspired me to get off my arse, leave the job that I hated and start working towards something that I could actually enjoy.
It all began in early around January 2016, this was a time when I was really down to put it lightly. I was working in a job that I absolutely hated, in a new city with a grand total of 0 friends and living in a flat that just didn’t feel like a home, in short, things were really shit. Then I watched a video on a website that I frequent This particular video was an in depth talk with a man called John Vignocchi, the executive producer on the Disney Infinity series, while the content was overall interesting, there was one thing he said that really stuck with me “if you’re playing games every day, going to sites and watching videos like this one here, why aren’t you in this industry?”, I’m paraphrasing here as I can’t find the video after about an hour of searching but it it really stuck with me. I’m the sort of person who follows games with all of my spare time, the sort of person who will stay up will 3 or 4 am to watch an E3 press conference, the sort of person that sees people like Hideo Kojima, Jon Blow or even Phil Fish as huge celebrities to look up to, why the hell am I not in this industry?
So with this new sense of purpose, I decided to dip my feet into the unity editor, I paid ¬£10 for a course on udemy ( and taught myself some of the basics. I made some games that were text based, a 2D breakout clone, a space invaders type game and other experiments. While doing this, I realised that I was having a huge amount of fun from scripting and programming these games and working out how the tools worked. That was when I made the decision to take things further and apply to university. That’s basically where I am now.
What have I got so far then? there’s a few unity demo’s that I’ve done, including some in VR along with some C++ work, including a version of minesweeper and some implementation of path finding algorithms and even a (rather dumb) chat bot. I’ll be posting some of this stuff in the near future with an explanation of what I’m learning throughout. For now though, you can just have this picture of my handsome face.

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